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    Upgrading to iphone 5s

      Bago lng po plan ko last sept 2013 iphone 5 plan 1799,gsto ko sna iupgrade to 5s using iphone forever plan 1999.am i legible to this plan khit nka 3months plng ako??sbi kc sa globe store i need to terminate my contract and pay the remaining months which is 21months pa and termination fee or kung hinde pde nmn daw retain ko ang plan ko na 1799 but i will trade my iphone 5 to iphone 5s peru mag bbyd ako additional cash out.sbi pa nila is kung ayaw ko mag terminate ng contract is magwwait p ako ng 2years before ko maavail ung forever plan eh until dec 31 lng un promo dba.di ko n aabutin since bago lng plan ko..