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    7301300 hotline


      been trying to get through this hotelin to check what my options are for recontracting. most often you'd just be put on hold by the automated system. the other times i can actually talk with an agent, they'd tell me they're offline and call back in a few hours since they're upgrading the system. anyone out there who was actually able to do the same via the hotline?

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          same here bro, I was put on-hold for nothing. I tried tweeter, the reply was quick. They just told me that I will receive a call from their loyalty dept. within 30days before my contract expires.
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            Hi pyro and janryj!


            Sorry for the inconvenience it has brought to any of you two!


            Being "hold by the automated system" (signalled by some funky Globe-centric tunes playing in the background) actually means that we are experiencing a volume of calls and you're on queue. 




            "they're offline and call back in a few hours since they're upgrading the system" (which usally happens past midnight) simply means that the system is up for a scheduled maintenance. 


            Asking for your kind patience chap, we got you!


            Says a man from the hotline!



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              I called their hotline since yesterday! They always say that they are having a system upgrade.
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                System upgrade.. I believe that is their reason if they don't actually know what to do with your request, or they just feel not in the mood. #poorservice #incompetent - I'm not saying those CSR are lying, but there is a possibility that they are.

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                  you may call 027301000  or 211 and ask them to transfer your call to loyalty just call from 8am to 10pm thats the operating hours of loyalty ask them if they can make a warm transfer to loylty just so you are guaranteed that there will be an agent from the loyalty department that will assist you.. let them know what you are expiriencing and i know agents would be kind enough to help you.. actually it is just an option i did before bacause i too expirience the same scenario but like what they say patience is a virtue lets give those agents the benifit of the doubt let us admit there are thousands  of clients like us everyday that call the hotline and they cannot accomodate all at the same time.. lets be patient guys... cheer up!!! :smileywink: