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    New Micro Sim still Inactive


      I have applied for an early recontractment at globe via hotline on Nov. 19. The handset was delivered on Nov. 20 (which is a win, win for the very fast service). Delivered with the handset is my requested micro sim with its new mobile number. I was told that the micro sim would be activated on Nov 24 since my billing cycle ends on the 23rd of Nov.


      So.. I patiently waited.


      But today, Nov. 27, my micro sim is still not activated.

      I have called tons of time and they always said that the status of my sim activation is "In progress" or "Pending".

      For 3 consecutive days, every time I called, they always say the same status! 


      I even asked if going to a Globe Store and have them activate my sim personally would be a better and faster option but the representative told me No because my accounts status is pending and that the Support Team are the ones who can change its status.


      I wonder what's taking it so long for the support team to process my request? 


      I am losing my patience with this matter. :smileysad:

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          Hi @johnalynne ,

          Please dont be, I hope you can extend your patience regarding this matter. I do understand your situation here. But for now all you can do is to wait and have it constantly followed up with the customer service.

          Maybe you can tweet @talk2globe via twitter maybe they can extend additional help with this.

          Here are the list names of Globe's Twitter team:
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            This is exactly what I am dealing with now.
            My contract ended October 31, 2013 and had my recontract processed last December 3.

            I applied for iPhone 5S plan which they approved processed. On December 6, I was notified that the handset is ready for pick up at Globe Store in Greenbelt and will be reserved within 48 hours only. So I immediately went there to get it. After more than an hour on queue, I got the phone and things were processed except for activation of the new Nano SIM. The agent asked me if I want to activate it then, but I refused as I will use my old SIM on my other phone for a couple of days. She told me I can simply call the hotline to have the new SIM activated.

            Two days later (December 8), I called the hotline to request for activation. The lady agent told me she can't process it that time as I have to wait until after my monthly cut-off (December 12) before they can process the activation. I asked if there are options to have expedited earlier than December 12 but she said there's none. So I agreed to wait for it.

            December 12, I called up again to verify my activation. The agent told me that my new SIM is scheduled for activation at 11:59PM of December 13 while at the very same time, the old SIM will deactivate. So I waited.

            December 14 at 4AM, I woke up and found out that SIM is still inactive and my phone has NO SERVICE. I called the hotline to follow up. They asked for the SIM serial number to have it activated which I gave immediately. Later on, the agent told me that she can't activate the SIM and it appears that the SIM card was defective. I was advised to go to a Globe Store to have the SIM replaced.

            That same day, I went to Globe Store. The agent confirmed the problem and processed the replacement of the SIM card. He said he has activated the new SIM and have to wait within the hour to get signal. Then he deactivated my old SIM which at the very same day really did get deactivated.

            However, my new SIM still is inactive after more than 24 hours. I again called up the hotline and was told that I should wait till the 48th hour which is 2:13PM of December 16. If still don't get the signal, I should call up again. As I feared, 4PM of December 16 my SIM is still inactive and phone has NO SERVICE. I again called up the hotline. The technical support agent told me that my account has pending order and I have to wait until December 30. I fumed up at that moment. The agent transferred me to the Loyalty department.

            The agent from Loyalty department told me that my new SIM will activate on December 30. I was enraged and told him it is unacceptable. I can't wait any further for the following reasons:
            1. Both SIMs are inactive so my account is practically useless while my billing for the month is running.
            3.NOBODY since DAY 1 of my recontracting request EVER MENTIONED that I will have to wait until December 30 before the new SIM/Plan activates.

            I don't understand why they have to make this complicated. The way I see it, they just made sure that I signed up for a new contract then the hell with my life. Period.

            This is very demonic, Globe.