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    Blackberry Charger compatibility


      Hi! I recently bought a blackberry Z30, my old phone was blackberry bold 9900, the Z30 includes its own charger.

      my old Bold's charger is rated at 500mA while the charger from the new one is rated 750mA. Now we all know the new Z30 has the biggest battery of all blackberry (2880mAh), almost the same as note or S.

      so i charge it using the bb charger and it takes almost like 5 hours just to fully charge it. now my question is, i happen to have a samsung s4 charger which is rated 2A, and i used it once to charge my Z30, and it only took an hour, is that okay or is it bad for my battery to be charged using other chargers?


      in line with this, if your recommendation is to use the official bb charger that came with the box, then does that mean using powerbanks that has high current ratings (e.g. 1.5A or 2A) is bad for the battery too? 


      Did you get my question? :smileyhappy:) haha thanks!!!

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          Hi  @JeromeCuevas ,


          You dont need to be afraid if the mAh of the charger/powerbank is higher or stronger. Let me explain this way.


          mAh (milliampere-hour) - The practical unit of electric current flow. So that means it is how fast the charger will be able to charge the device. So for 750mAh charger. it will take you 3 hours and 50 mins to be able to fully charge it. If you will be using much lower mAh type of charger it will definitely took more hours before it can be fully charged.


          I want you to be more careful for the voltage or volts.


          Volt — The practical unit of electric pressure. The pressure which will produce a current of one ampere against a resistance of one ohm. Since it is the pressure, its the capability of the battery/devices to hold the pressure that the charger will input. If the charger can input more that the pressure the battery can hold definitely it will blow up. 



          Better read the safety manual of BB Z30:



          To summarize it as what I have read from the safey manual, it is best to use certified/original chargers, battery banks etc.


          Better check the charger for the Voltage and your battery voltage capacity as well.. :smileyhappy:

          Hope this helps,


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            The internal battery management circuits should regulate the charge current to the battery. According to the manufactures of chargeable battery devices it is best to use the rated charger. If the charge current is too high the battery management circuits will work harder to keep the current regulated, and thus operate under more stress.


            If the charge current is lower the battery will take longer to charge. If the charge current is too low the battery may not be saturated enough to take on charge. There is a minimum charge current that will work. The battery management circuit cannot supply more current than what is available from the charger.


            There are also chargeable devices where the battery management circuits are not very refined, and may allow too high a charge current if available. This can damage the battery if the charge current exceeds the charge rating of the battery. n


            The manufacture of the battery recommends to the device engineers the minimum, optimum, and maximum charge currents, and also supplies to them the charge rate charts. The manufacture will design the charger for the device to fit to the recommended specifications.


            To be safe, do not use a charger of a higher rating than recommended. A lower rating will be safe, but not charge efficiently. Too low and the battery will not charge.


            In the industry there is something known as the 4C factor for battery charging and average loading. This can be applied for most gel, lead acid, and Lithium batteries. If you take the ma/hr rating of the battery and divide by 4, this will give the standard safe charge rate for the battery. An example is if a battery is rated at 1000 ma/hr, it would be safe and efficient to charge it at 250 ma. At this rate the battery should be charged in 4 hours.


            With most manufactures they want to have a fairly fast charge. Usually they will supply a charger that is rated in the area of  1/2 the ma/hr. Some will even go more than 1/2 the ma/hr.  Remember that when charging at a faster rate the battery life will be reduced because of more charging heat, thus causing greater wear rate of the electrode surfaces in the battery structure.


            I have a Z30 and a Passport. I am mostly using a 700 ma/hr charger that was originally from the 9900 phone. I bought a bunch of these chargers to keep at various locations. The Playbook charger will charge these phones as like a fast charger, and will be technically safe. I have four Playbooks. I have about 8 Playbook chargers. What is nice about the BB phone chargers is they can charge everything from earphones to keyboards safely.