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    I was billed immediately just a week after receiving my phone!


      I just received my phone last week, and I was already billed in full amount just after 1 week of usage!


      What's this?! What happened? Could anyone explain this to me? :smileysad:


      And what was the purpose of the Advance Monthly Service Fee of 1799 that I paid upon delivery of the phone and still I am billed immediately?!


      I subscribed for LG G2 Plan 1799 (phone is free) but my stated monthly due is P2,147.20!!! I have 0.0 call, text, and internet charges.


      The billing statement is crap, all you can understand is the amount due!

      If I did not research for this...I would not have known about the Monthly Service Fee of P348 which was added to my Plan (1799)! tsk tsk