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    No LTE Connectivity on iPhone 5S


      I'm having problems with my phone, I was able to use LTE service on the 1st week but it was also intermittent I had to reset the device once in a while just to get it working on LTE and now I'm not getting any LTE service at all, anybody having the same problem? My location is in Cebu btw.

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          anyone having the same problem as me? -_-

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            HI SherwinLeong!


            There's a long list of LTE sites available for Cebu (read: not every part of Cebu has LTE )


            Here's how you can troubleshoot for problems;


            -Though you mentioned in your post that already experienced having LTE, it's always an assurance to call the hotline to verify if you are properly provisioned for LTE and the APN settings are configured for a mobile data connection.


            -Make sure you have the latest OS updates.


            -Check if Settings>General>Cellular>Enable LTE is switched ON!


            -Go to the nearest know LTE site in your area, if you can bring a colleague with you with a similar device capable of receiving LTE signal so you can compare.


            1. If both devices are receiving LTE signal, this means that the ares you're on has no LTE or is currently experiencing LTE downtime.


            1. If he/she is receiving LTE signal and you're not, this narrows your case to either a sim or a device problem. 

            -If the above steps fail, you may visit the nearest store in your area for technical inspection.




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              almost the same as me. i have am lg g2 before and can connect seamlessly to lte. early this morning, i change to iphone 5s. this dammed phone is not able to. now i feel like a fool. :smileysad: