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    regular sim to a microsim for xperia v


      Hi Guys,


      Do you know what are the landline numbers for globe telecom business center within Manila or Quezon city? I have a regular simcard, its been with me for over 5 years now and i need it to be a microsim for xperia v. but when i checked with globe telecom poduim they said that there is no microsim or even the regular sim that has a smaller chip that they can cut. and they said to check other branches. they said that my number is 210.. not sure if this is a serial number or a model or version of the simcard..

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          Hi @PaulOrtiz - We don't give out the numbers for our Stores, since the manpower there are mostly deployed in the counters assisting the customers. I suggest going to other Stores to try. Thanks!
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            Any local mobile store would do it for a low cost. It is a very simple process. Once after getting a Micro SIM, You can insert it into your mobile phone and start accessing it. If you are having any problem in accessing your Micro SIM, ensure it is activated. If it has been activated and still doesn't work it might be the sim dislodge in the slot, try to remove and insert it again, make sure that the phone is free from network restriction. If the device has been network restricted..you can get this done from any vendors online like  Unlocking4u.com