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    Globe Huawei E357


      Hello. A few months ago, even during stormy weather, my Huawei E357 prepaid Globe Tattoo device was peaking download speeds of around 5Mbps. Now it can't even download a simple text file from a website, nor display a simple html page. Ping works for the device's IP (naturally), but won't work for other Globe IPs nor any other website for that matter. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application with no success. Please provide advise. Thanks.

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          A silly question @Eduardo - does your prepaid Tattoo device have load?
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              Hi @Eduardo ,

              Our CM GlennO is correct. Have you check if you still have available load balance atleast P5 maintaining to use the service?

              Other settings need to be check as well are the profile management settings.

              You can go to GUI(Globe User Interface) of the tattoo stick > Tools > options> Profile Management.

              Profile must be: Globe Tattoo Prepaid
              APN: http.globe.com.ph
              Apn Type: Static
              Access: *99***1#

              If it is correct, Go to network mode next. Check for the network type: You can switch from 3G/WCDMA PREFERRED or 3G/WCDMA ONLY.
              bands: All bands.

              Restart your PC then check. If still problem persist mind if you can post the exact error if there is.. :smileyhappy:

              ex errors:

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              Hi Eduardo!


              Follow the solutions mentioned above.


              Additionally you can check these steps for further troubleshooting your device;


              1. Make sure that the sim is properly inserted and the device is getting proper signal.
              3. Make sure you don't have any network-related applications running in the backround that can affect your connectivity.
              5. Make sure that the drivers needed for the device to work is properly installed.
              7. If that didn't help, try installing your usb modem to a diffrent device e.g. PC, tablet, or a laptop to see if the problem is not device-related.