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    I want to apply for a 1,700 Postpaid plan and I have a few questions.


      If I avail the P1,700 postpaid plan, I would receive a PV of 3,200.


      I was planning to get the following:

      Unli Surf (999PV/month)

      Samsung Galaxy (1,100PV/month) - ₱9600 cash-out


      It would be computed as follows:


      -      999

      -  1,100


          1,101 PV


      It says that I would be left with 1,101 PV (consumables).

      And says that I would have a gadget cash-out of P9,600 and a monthly fee of 1,799.


      Is the gadget cash-out paid before paying the monthly fee or is it included with the monthly fee already since it was part of my PV?


      Many thanks to anyone who can answer my question. :smileyhappy: