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    Unposted Payment Case ID: 51737458


      Dear Customer Service Manager,

      Can you look into this matter urgently? I am very dissapointed with how Globe take action on this type of concern. I have made the timely payment on the day the handyphone was given to me which was on Aug 24, 2013. You failed to reflect my payment on my account and you have disconnected my line on the second week of October stating I have not paid the Php 12,000 cashout.

      On October 22, I went to Globe Araneta where I made my payment and asked why it is not reflected yet. Unfortunately, they instructed me to call the hotline instead of them making the action. To cut the story short, I agreed and the agent gave me the case # 51737458 and promised that my line will be back to normal after 24 hours and the payment will be reflected after 2-3 days.

      After 3 weeks, the line got disconnected again. And the reason?  For the same Php 12,000 which I have already reported on October 22. Can you let me know what specific action you have done on my first call? This is very unacceptable! You are passing the inconvenience on your customer! I have done my part to comply timely on paying the bills and yet you are disconnecting my line! This is very UNFAIR and INCONVENIENT!

      As head of Customer Service, can you state clearly what action you will do and specific plan to correct this? Your agent are just making promises on looking into this matter but no action is really being done.


      FYI. I have already sent the scanned copy of proof of payment to your email add [email protected] since Nov 10 but until now it is unresolved. Please check.

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          Hi @DanMac - I understand the frustration you're feeling and would like to apologize for this. Actually, the Globe Community is a venue where we discuss non account-specific concerns, since other subscribers will not be able to help you with this.

          I will now close this thread and talk to you via private message. Thanks!