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    how can I change my passwoord


      I launch internet browser but I can't  log in because I don't know the username and password, I want change my password co'z many  knew about it.


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          Hi @SabinayAljoSanoy  Welcome to Globe Community!


          Ang default username kalimitan ay 'admin' no password try mo po if magwork. If hindi tawag ka po sa Hotline para sila na po ang magreset.

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            What password.


            Globe DSL has 4 passwords.


            1. Account password

            it is the  password you needed to connect your modem to globe network.

            username would be [email protected] and password (ask globe representatives about it, call 211 or 730-1000)


            2. Modem Password

            though this may vary on every model of different models but the default access could be <user> <password> 

            user , user

            user , password

            admin , globe


            again you can ask via CSR on how to change, access or reset it.


            *you can also press the small reset button commonly found in the back of the modem with a tip of a paper clip


            3. Wifi password (for modem-routers with wifi functionality)

            It can be found on your modem access interface. either ,, etc


            4. Third party router passwords. (If you have a wifi router / lan router connected to the modem-router provided by globe)


            Again this will depend on the router configuration. Check your router's manual on how to change password on your third party devices.