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    Tattoo black pocket wifi termination fee


      Hi! Meron po kaming Tattoo Black Pocket Wifi Plan 1799... Mag-6 months na po sya this month. We're planning to terminate our contract of it, how much po kaya yung termination fee? Thank you!:smileyhappy:

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          Hi MarahPascual!


          Checking your post, I've deducted that your plan is under LTE Plan with Premium Upgrade, that's 42Mbps of unlimited surfing with 10/12GB of Volume allowance, is that so? 


          To determine your pre-termination fee; handset base price (HBP), cashout for the device (CO), remaining lock-up  (RLUP) and lock-up period (LUP) must need to be supplied. Kindly refer to the model of your device so you have an idea


          The approximate calculation of the pre-termination fee will be as follows:


          [(HBP - CO (if any) / LUP)xRLUP + 550php admin fee] ≈ Pre-Termination Fee


          I'm no retention specialist, for complete details of your pre-term fees you may call Tattoo Black direct hotline at (02) 730-1011