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    Simcard activation issues


      Hi -


      Last november 21st, i called loyatly & rewards for a plan upgrade from 999 to 1799 and an Iphone 5s to go along with it. The agent i spoke with was really helpful that i gave out a commendation through her lead.


      Now, I was told that the phone should be delivered by 3 business days (Monday the 25th) but it never came. I called immediately and did my own research and found out that their courier was Ximex. Good thing i was nearby so i just went to Ximex to claim my phone on 11/28/2013 (Thursday). So much for "patience" but this is no longer the issue. Good thing ximex was near my residence. - anyone who's waiting for their unit to be delivered and if you happen to live near bicutan, taguig, you might as well consider going to Ximex directly.


      However, this is my main concern as of today. my simcard has not been activated yet. i'm still under the impression that my plan is still 999 as opposed to my requested upgrade of 1799. I have called globe everyday since thursday of last week and all i heard was that i had a pending order in my account which needed to be closed first and that they will escalate the issue to their support team; and i should get a feedback within 24 hours and my sim should be activated. I asked if i needed to wait till my next cut off of 27th? and they said no, no need to worry and no need to wait that long.


      on my third call, i asked for them to be specific as to how those pending orders will be removed and i've told them that it's my 72th hour of waiting vs their promised turn around which was 24 hours; asked for a supervisor and they dropped the call.


      So until today i'm getting the same BS and runaround and no one could be specific to me nor give me their lead. i work in the same industry and am a supervisor myself so i know the process/protocol and i have to say that their customer service has taken a nosedive. Yes i've read the threads and it could be their system which was "upgraded". But it's one thing to have a BS system and it's another to match it with a BS customer service. My issue has not been resolved, my phone isn't working still, and i'm still getting the same runaround.


      I've tweeted them and someone by the name of "HERO" responded stating he'll have a look but never replied back, i've called and now i've taken the burden of registering to this community in hopes that i get a community elder's attention, or better if i get a hold of someone directly from globe who can close this issue because this is just bad experience. Worst if i may.


      So someone, anyone, please tell me how my issue can get resolved in the nearest time. So much for your so-called "Loyalty reward". Next thing i know i'm getting double billed by your company for using my old plan in the interim and the new plan when it gets activated.


      Please help me understand and make some sense of this or better if they can resolve this immediately.


      Globe, wala na akong masabi sa sama ng service nyo. I'm sure people are experiencing the same with other providers but hey, don't you think it's about doing something about it instead of apologies? Or you guys are way over your head because in this politically forsaken country, it's either you guys, smart or sun?

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          Hi @Hoy_kulet ... yes I borught this up in http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/General-Discussion/System-Upgrade-or-Downgrade/m-p/51865#M1903 (number 1 issue).


          Unfortunately, most of us here in the community are just mere subscribers like you and the ranks are just based on the number of posts made, solutions given and probably even the thumbs up received. How we wish that the ranks would give some power to change and do things to our own benefit.


          However, this issue has been going on for quite some time (since the "upgrade") and has been affecting a lot of subscribers already (including me some 2 months ago).


          Perhaps it would have to take extra pressure from this community to elevate this concern? @GlennO  and other community managers? Even @ABoredGlobeRep  seems to know a lot of things from inside and perhaps we could all do our share in helping understand what really is going on...



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            @Hoy_kulet  Have you tried this form? http://www.globe.com.ph/form-check-activation-status


            I have no new subscription to test so maybe you could also enlighten us what message can be retrieved using this tool.

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              Hi Hoy_kulet!


              Nice to hear you're getting progress with your concern!


              We are aware of this issue. The only fix has been to escalate the concern to the support so far. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


              Let me try and detail to you the process for Loyalty and availment.; 


              Last november 21st, i called loyatly & rewards for a plan upgrade from 999 to 1799 and an Iphone 5s to go along with it. The agent i spoke with was really helpful that i gave out a commendation through her lead.


              I have assumed, that you availed the Best Ever My Super Plan 1799, right? Congratulations! 


              Now, I was told that the phone should be delivered by 3 business days (Monday the 25th) but it never came.


              The turn-around-time for delivery of handset is after 3-business days for subs within Metro Manila and after 5-days outside. So the soonest would be the 26th. I apologize for not meeting your expectation. This is an updated handling since the old handling requires us to spiel 1-3 business days for within and 3-5 days outside. 


              my simcard has not been activated yet


              The new plan policy requires that the plan will be effictive the day after your cut-off date. There's a reason for this, for this will eliminate the trouble of having our subscribers called the hotline requesting for detailed explanation of their first bill. We can't afford to have long calls and we don't want our subscribers to give us the stigma of "bill cheating/hidden charges since you know, having 2x or 3x of your expected MSF due to pro-ration and the advance payment on subs first bill doesn't sounds right for some people. Having your plan activated the first day of your billing cycle means you'll be paying only the advance payment plus overages if there is any.


              And additionally, for the sake of plan and lock-up alignment it has been agreed that the sim card can only be activated once the plan change has been processed. Again, there is a reason for this; 1.) Alignment and Uniformity - this is to avoid confusion on plan acitvation and inquiries on lock-up on your future concerns. 2.) Ease for both service providers and subscribers  - the old plan were suited for the handset those days. Todays plan is geared towards individuals that had accessed the internet once in a while in their mobile. This can cause issues, especially mobile data charges and disputes. We don't want that, neither do you.


              To cope with this, for new plan availment and re-contracting offers paired with smartphones, we mandate that you subscribe to a mobile data subscription whether it may be a combo or a booster on your plan. A simple sim activation could mean that any mobile data charges can occur if the subscribers not mindful. This policy cures it.


              There's an exeption to this;


              Subscribers who were not told about the how he or she cannot have modifications on the account prior to the order e.g. change of plan. We can't blame them, they want to play with their shiny new phone and the process were not laid out to them as cleary as possible. This leads to subscribers calling the hotline requesting for the sim activation to be commence. Once the subscriber have been pushy enough, it left us but to escalate the concern to the back-end support team. (We don't proactively do this since this process is non-conventional,   that it will require the support to make overrides on to the system) 


              Hope that clear some things up!


              Edit: Please take this with a grain of salt, for I am not with the management. :robotvery-happy:



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                In my case, I called the hotline and this time there was no runaround. They told me straight that they can not activate my sim until the plan change takes effect. I got another sim today at SM aura and the CSR who attended to me said activation will take 1 to 2 hours and it went way past that so I had to call the hotline. Since there is no way around it I guess I have to wait a week before I can use my phone. At least for a week I have a very nice iPod.
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                  I just talked to a friend of mine, he seems to have it worst then me. He also got his phone on launch day but he availed of the iphone forever plan and turned in his iPhone 4S. He literally has had no phone to use since launch day since his nano sim is also not activated. He too has about a week to go before his plan change takes effect.
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                    Usually change of sim will take effect minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 24 hours. If there is a change of plan request to your account advised the globestore or call the hotline to cancel first and rework the request for change of plan upon processing of sim activation. if your sim is an LTE SIM card please advised the rep to process also LTE activation so that the provided sim will not be defective since what I encounter before is that they process sim activation but they do not proactively activate the LTE on my sim so it turns out that the sim provided to me is fine but it resulted to defective sim card due to wrong processing.