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    Tattoo pocket wifi bundled with SKYWORTH tab 999 must not avail the TABLEt it SUKCS!


      LAst November 20, I received my Globe POSTPAID TATTOO POCKET WIFI bundled with SKYWORTH tablet.

      Since, i have a laptop, ipad 2 and iphone 5. i rarely use the skyworth tablet. i think from Nov 20 to Dec1 i only opened it for 3 to 4times. ( i was offered this bundle, as the CSR said, i am loyal to globe).


      Oh my GOD, the problem occurs, last dec 1, the skyworth S82, really worth to throw in the SKY! hahaha.. imagine, with full charged, after the auto off, it doesnt want to turn on. ridiculous but its true.


      Thats not the only problem i had with this tablet, i might be needing capsule for the headache hahaha.. I went to the business center, to report my defective skyworth tablet but they refused to accept it, Imagine, its already dec 4. the tablet is still on my possession why? because, the very sober encoder of files on my account was sleepy maybe or tired, based on my file, the gadget name was S73  S82(follows the serial number). it means there was confusion, S73 and s82 are model of skyworth (WORTH to throw in the SKY). they are different to one another. and that simple problem asking me to wait for another 7 days? whoa! fast and reliable talaga ang GLOBE! 


      Imagine, the problem is within GLOBE personel, the burden is on me? Until now they are not giving me an exact solution, i just called a while ago, OMG, the CSR is good and accurate, but mind you, i felt i was talking to a balikbayan  coming from USA, duh! the taglish slang! it irritated me! I was about to tell her, please speak english directly.. hahaha i just held my temper to avoid is understanding. (CSr from RETENTION LiNE).


      Anyway, what i just want to share in this community a truthful experience and hoping someone is kind enough to do expedited investigation to get expedited solution.. its already Dec 4. I reported this problem last Dec1.


      DEC 1. REFERENCE NUMBER: 52261579

      DEC 4. REFERENCE NUMBER: 52292453( asking me to wait for 7 days! to get the result) bwaaaa... sobrang bilis naman ng imbestigation ng GLOBE imagine 7 days? why they dont trace who is the responsible employee that encodes data to the customer files  and GET him/her fired! mistake of one, suffers others!


      one more thing the problem is so easy.. get rid of skyworth! globe's reputation will get in trouble with their partner tablet provider! thats all i can say thank you!

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          Sorry if i give confusion on what the problem really is.


          The problem, if i didnt mention on my first post. The serial number on the skyworth tablet, according to globe, are not the same with the serial number on my file.  they need to investigate as they said. but that is not that complicated. actually, on my file it was encoded there :

          S73 S82(1234567)- sample serial number only. while the tablet i am holding serial number is S82(1234567). i am wondering, why they take it that long to investigate or check for the error? GUYS DID YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE? (S73) the rest of the numbers are the same with my skyworth tablet.  That was a simple typo error will take 2 days plus 7 days? OMG!