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    Globe DSL and Landlines package




      am thinking of subscriber to Globe's DSL and Landlines package, the 1299 but have a few questions:


      1. If i go over my 5GB daily limit, will be disconnected from the internet or will my speed be throttled down? 

      2. if throttled down, to what speed?

      3. it shows in the packages it has different number of users.. what does this mean? Like for the package i am considering it says "no of users: 3".. does that mean only 3 people can connect at the same time? what if i have more device that need to be connected?




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          1) For DSL subscribers: their subscribed base plan speed will be reduced until end day and will resume the following day if they availed Speed Boost add-on/s or a new DSL plan starting on November 11, 2011.


          2) Just expect the worst speed, like dial-up speed.


          3) The number of users they put on that website is their advisable number or user. It's still up on the owner if he will use it for more than 3 users. Just remember, if you have more # of users sharing with your connection, it will slow down your speed.