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    Question about 4G (LTE)


      Tanong ko lang po, nakaplan ako sa Globe yung 999 unli surf na may free phone na S3 mini, me bago akong phone Nokia Lumia 820, LTE capable saka microsim gamit nya, pwede ba papaltan ko yung regular sim ko sa microsim na LTE capable?Magagamit ko ba LTE service even my plan is Unlisurf and not unli LTE ?

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          Hello @rmangaya , sa tingin ko lang ha.. OO..:smileyhappy: i mean, unlidata naman yung plan na kinuha mo.. and 4G is mobile data rin naman..

          so i guess, possible yan..
          pero para makasiguro ka, you can call the globe hotline or you can chat with them..:smileyhappy:
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            Hi rmangaya!


            Yes you can use your Nokia Lumia 820 for your post-paid line and enjoy LTE in as much as you can!


            Just request for an LTE-capable micro-sim as sim replacement at the neares Globe store in your area and you're set!


            LTE is available to all postpaid subscribers all you need is;


            1. -an LTE capable handset.
            2. -an LTE-capable sim.
            3. -an LTE covered area.

            Note: LTE is a service that is provisioned to work. Ask the representative about it (LTE acitvation).