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      I applied for a new line (online) around October. Series of talks/calls were made, I’ve passed through all your inquiries, submitted requirements, etc. Until finally on Nov 30, I was informed that the handset/line will be delivered in my office address on Dec 5. NO DELIVERY was made, I had to make series of calls to your hotline and the delivery team, I get no positive response. Both told me to just WAIT for a call/update. This morning I made a follow up, someone named Daina Mahinay from your delivery team forwarded a message stating AIR21’s tracking number and said for me to WAIT for the delivery today. I called up AIR21 to verify, CSR told me that the unit was only given to them by GLOBE yesterday, Dec 5 and that they sent it out for delivery last night…BUT, that they have 2 days delivery time for my address. I asked for the exact time tomorrow but they said for me to just WAIT again since they can not provide such. Now, I’ve been contacting Daina Mahinay again but would not answer my calls/e-mails. QUESTION: Why commit a delivery date you can not comply? Why is GLOBE and AIR21 not coordinated on matters like this? Why not call your subscriber for an update? Why not answer calls/e-mails when you can not resolve issues anymore? OR better yet, why are you not able to resolve such issue right away? Most importantly, WHEN THE F*** CAN YOU DELIVER??? See, people, your customers….can not just lay dead for 3 days (possibly more in this case!!!) waiting for you to get your work done. I have deferred trips/meetings for this!!! I will even possibly have to come to office tomorrow, ON A SATURDAY!!! At least give me a freaking accurate time so I don’t have to WAIT THE WHOLE DAY!!
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          Hi @Annie - Apologies for this. The Globe Community is for questions that are answerable by other customers, so we can help each other out here. Since this is an account-specific concern, I will now close this thread. You may ask updates regarding your application thru Air 21, since you have the tracking number or via Twitter @Talk2GLOBE. Thanks!