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    online viewing of balance


      How does online viewing of balance and checking outstanding balance work? 

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          Hi WensleySablay!


          1.) Go here!

          2.) Enter you 11-digit mobile number.

          3.) Enter the correct word challenge for Captcha.

          4.) Profit!



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            Hi WensleySablay!


            Congratulations on your new line!


            Have you registered your mobile number via the Globe website?


            To do that follow this steps:


            Go to here 
            Click Register or Sign Up in the upper right portion of the Page.
            Enter a valid Email address
            Create a password then re-enter your password
            Click the “SIGN ME UP” button
            A verification link will be sent to the email address customer used upon registration.
            Check your email address, then click the link to verify the email address.
            Upon clicking the link subscriber will be redirected to Globe Site
            Enter the email address and password you enter upon registration.
            Click Log In
            Accounts Page, click “ADD NEW ACCOUNT”
            Another pop-up will appear
            Enter the 11-digit number, then click Send Code
            A verification code will be sent to the mobile number you enter.
            Enter the code in the Verification Code Box, click add account.
            Upon activation, you’ll be directed to another page.
            Click view account
            Dashboard will appear, showing your current balance on the account.