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    BB q10 defective unit, help please


       Good day everyone


      i just got my new bb q10 unit.the problem is exactly 2weeks after, the screen just did not turn on. na lowbat po yung phone then chinarge ko po siya, after that i was surprised that someone was able to call my phone even if the screen is turned off, thats when i noticed that the phone is defective.the screen never woke up again, but it can receive CALLS/SMS/notifications.


      Luckily i was near a globe center when that happened, (the agent in globe store 1(SM DASMARINAS) told me to bring my unit to the blackberry center which is in ATC, muntinlupa. The next day i brought the unit to ATC hoping they could assess the condition of the phone but they (the agent in globe store 2) did not, they just asked what happened and issued a certification that is to be brought to another service center in makati (WHY DID THEY CALL THE ATC GLOBE STORE A BLACKBERRY CENTER IF THEY CANT DO ANYTHING?).  he also told me that the minimum processing period for a blackberry warranty is 90days or 3months, because it will be fixed outside the country. i got really disappointed because the phone is just 2weeks old.   s


      Also tried calling the Globe gadget care and see if this is under their coverage but unfortunately this is not covered.


      The reason i availed this promo/plan is because i want to enjoy the phone and the services that globe can offer for BB

      Instead, I was bounced off to different channels, i was beginning to think that this is a waste of time


      I just wish globe could be more service oriented, you could not feel the assertiveness in some of the agents.


      Need advice from you guys, 


      Thank you




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          Under the terms and conditions regarding Blackberry units from Globe for your information:


          Terms and Conditions for BlackBerry Handset:

          1. For any BlackBerry Handset defect, the Subscriber may submit to the Globe Store the said handset for BlackBerry’s evaluation and assessment, together with the official receipt and a valid ID within the one (1) year Warranty Period from Subscriber’s date of purchase. 

          2. Cost of Repair and Labor Fee Charges for Out of Warranty Units and Defective Units due to non-factory defect will be on account of the Subscriber should repair be coursed through Globe Telecom. 

          Note: The accredited Repair Center of BlackBerry is based in Hong Kong and in view of this; repair for BlackBerry unit may take a maximum of seventy (70) days from date of receipt of the Globe Store.