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    application status for iphone 5s plan 1799


      Hi I'm a Newbie and I applied last Dec 1 for the iphone 5s  16gb smoke gray plan 1799 in a globe store, I submitted my requirements and filled up the application form that day and was told by a sales rep that I have to wait for 3-5 working days for the result....now it has been 5 working days past and sixth day ( not sure if this is counted as working day).. my question is how come I received no text message or a call from an agent to inform me if my application was approve or not? or a simple email would be fine by me.....so on the 5th day I called up the hotline and talked to an agent and he told me that he will forward my concern to that said store and gaved me a reference number and to expect a call from an agent within 24 hrs - 48 hrs. So next day, I waited.....and then no call from an agent so I picked up the phone and called the hotline again.....now another agent answered my call and told me that my name came up in their system but no status was indicated?.....so what now...do I have to wait another 3-5 working days to find out the answer to my question which is do I get approve or not?....please help me on this ....tnx