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    Globe has extended the lock-up period of my 2 lines! @[email protected]


      I discovered this when I inquired through their hotline 3 months ago after their system upgrade.  After countless calls to Globe hotline, I was assured that they have corrected their system and that I can have one of my lines disconnected already since its contract has ended.


      The update was never made and I'm now being charged pre-termination charges for the account that I had disconnected.  My other line has 3 months addition to its original lock-in period.  I've been reassured by Globe hotline each time I call that they'll make the updates to their system but they haven't.  Now, I fear that I would once again be charged for pre-termination charges when my other line's contract ends this month.


      Are others experiencing this as well?  Check on your lockup period.  They may have added 3 months into it as well.  And if so, how were you able to resolve it?