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    iPhone5s (in Gold) Availability?


      HI! First of all I'm not sure if I'm on the right thread, I apologize. 

      I'm from Lucena and went to the nearest Globe Store to apply for the Globe iPhone Forever Plan (I'm an iPhone5 user btw) but they said the person who's supposed to check the to-be-swap-phone is not arriving yet and they are not sure when will this person arrive. 


      They asked me to visit their Globe branch in SM San Pablo instead to be sure and I went to ask some Globe Specialist via Twitter if they can check if there's an available iPhone5S in Gold unit available at San Pablo since I'm going all the way from Lucena but unfortunately they have a very limited access to this. It's not too far but I'm a busy person so I'm wondering, is there really no way to know before I risk my schedule just to go to San Pablo?


      Thank you so much