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    [HELP] Postpaid Sim Inquiries


      I cancelled my postpaid application over the weekend due to some last minute changes in my plans. I did apply for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 under PLAN 999 via Globe Online. I'll give the handset, actually, to my wife as a Christmas gift. However, I realized that instead of her using the postpaid sim, why don't I use it instead to change my ancient prepaid account.


      So basically, here are my queries:


      1. Can I retain my prepaid number and use it for the postpaid account? (The prefix is 0927)

      2. Note 3 uses a micro-sim if I'm not mistaken, the current phone that I'm using only supports a regular sim. So is there any way to use the micro-sim as a regular sim? (something like an adapter)


      Hope you guys can shed some light. Thanks in advance.