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    Postpaid Plan application: Waiting for almost a month now.


      Hi –


      I have applied for two 1799 IPhone5s 32GB Postpaid plans (w/ Cash outs) last November 19, 2013 via Online application. I have sent a scan copy of my Pay slip for the whole month of October, a scan copy of my Driver’s License and my credit card. I received a call from an agent telling me that they needed employment verification from my employer and that it was the last thing they needed to process my application. I was also told that Globe already sent an email to my company but they received no response. I then emailed my HR department and demanded that they immediately reply to Globe for my employment verification, I even had an argument with them and ask them what’s taking them so long to reply to Globe. After that they immediately replied to Globe and confirmed my employment.


      After several weeks of waiting and daily follow ups through hotline, I received a call last November 30, 2013 from an agent asking me to confirm my application and its details, which I did. She told me that I should expect a call from them within that week (Dec 1 – 7) for the location where I should pick up my handsets.

      As of now December 9, 2013, I received zero phone calls, zero emails and zero text messages regarding my application. I called the Globe hotline almost every day last week hoping to find any updates regarding my application. Every follow up I’m asking the agent whether they need more information from me, what can I do to speed up the application or anything at all? I just don’t want to feel so helplessly waiting. Every time I call they’re just create a follow up ticket and the online support team doesn’t seem to look at them. What’s the purpose of that ticket if no one from Globe seems to be monitoring them? I asked the agent what’s the usual SLA for their follow up tickets and she said its 24-48hrs. It has been 10 days since the last update.


      Some of my colleagues that applied through walk-in already got their phones, they even told me that they just presented the same documents that I have provided but with no employment verification. I believe the purpose of an Online Application is to make the application hassle free and more convenient to new subscribers. Am I wrong? As far as I’m concern, I did my part for this application process, I just hope that Globe can show a little concern regarding new customers.


      See details of my application below:

      Application Number #: 52086474

      Follow up Reference#: 40438495

      Follow up Reference#: 40452113

      Follow up Reference#: 40457630

      Follow up Reference#: 40459276

      Follow up Reference#: 40466123

      Follow up Reference#: 40471804

      Follow up Reference#: 40476374