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    Why is my new iPhone 5s not receiving incoming calls and texts?


      I bought a new iPhone 5s 32GB from Globe Business Center last December 4, 2013. The device worked fine until I found out that my friends could not contact me either calls or texts whether smart, globe, and sun. My place is a bit far from the city but my other globe numbers are working fine with full signal bars.  The 5s however, using a nano-sim has full signal bars sometimes drops to 4 or 3 is not able to receive incoming calls and texts but can do outgoing calls and texts. I went to the business center and the representative told me that it was a signal issue. I told her that it's impossible because I can make outgoing calls and send texts successfully. The funny thing is that when I'm in the city, my 5s receives incoming calls and texts. The representative from the business center asked me to try other handsets and I did in my house. It worked fine with the other handset. I can receive and send messages and do calls(incoming and outgoing). The verdict of the representative given all these details was it's a signal issue. Another representative also said that she lives near my area and she experienced the same problem. I don't know if she's telling the truth or she's just making up a story so they don't replace my phone. I don't know what's going on and I need someone to hep me please. This is really frustrating. By the way, I can even use 3G here in my house and it's really fast with a speed of 5Mbps courtesy by speedtest.net and I can't find any reason to believe that my problem is simply a signal issue in my area. Please help me