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    lock-in period

      Hi, I want to know when my 24-month lock-in period will end if I had avail of the postpaid service on [Bill Period: March 15,2012-March 20,2012 (Bill Number 1) ].

      I am on my Bill Number 21 (Oct 21,2013-Nov 20,2013). Paid on December 6,2013.

      Does it End on Bill Number 24? (Jan 2014-Feb 2014) Balance Due date of March 2014?

      Or Bill Number 25? (Feb 2014-March 2014) balance due date of April 2014? Last payment on this then I terminate it?
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          If I'm not mistaken, you can terminate upon payment of your MSF for your 24th month which appears in Bill 23. .


          You may even terminate upon payment of Bill 23 because the MSF is always paid in advance and therefore your MSF for Bill 24 had been charged already in Bill 23. You lose the benefits and consumables you have paid for in Bill 24 in case you do this.

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            Hi Pao_32!


            Your 24th month lock-up will end March 15, 2014 assuming that there have been no temporary disconnection requests made on the account within the past months. This was deducted by checking your bill period on your bill no. 1 i.e. the first date indicated on the bill period serve as your plan's activation date.


            Request for permanent disconnection however, can be made anytime once your 24 month period expires.