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    GIFT 3


      The cold Christmas breeze is definitely here! It’s time to bring out those thick clothes that will keep you warm, like your jacket and gloves.


      bluetooth-phone-handset-gloves.jpg Capture.PNG


      Hi-Call is the new sensational product during this cold weather. A glove with Bluetooth technology that allows you to have phone calls without removing it. It’s perfect for controlling the touch screen of your smartphone thanks to the capacitive technology.


      It is very standardized, in the sense that it is compatible with all mobile phones with Bluetooth.

      Rechargeable through the included microUSB cable.


      Available in two different colors and sizes with an operating range: 12 meters.


      Battery life that lasts up to: standby 1 week conversation 20 hours.


      Now you can literally talk to the hand with these Bluetooth phone handset gloves. These gloves feature an earpiece in the thumb and a microphone in the pinky that leaves your hand "Hands Free"