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    #UNWRAPHOPE: [email protected] concert with Bamboo


      Hello Community!


      In the devastating wake of Typhoon Yolanda, it is the role of Globe as a telco and a service brand to help people reconnect, aid them as they recover, and spur rehabilitation on a national scale.


      As one community, we want to instill hope and give our Kababayans more reasons to believe that we can be enablers to their recovery.




      Project-Unwrap_TOY SELECTION (FINAL).jpg


      With that said, on December 20, Globe Tattoo will host a concert of Bamboo that aims to provide assistance to everyone, especially the kids, that has been struck by the Typhoon. Giving them hope and joy that will enable them to celebrate this season of Christmas.


      Join us as we bring back the smiles and joyful spirits of the people who were greatly affected by the Typhoon


      All Globe [email protected] users can have FREE tickets to this concert. Simply input your details in this registration sheet link: bit.ly/18jcrMv


      Mechanics / Reminders:

      • - Upon completion of registration and validation of details, successful participants will receive an e-mail confirming the reserved tickets and claiming procedures. The emails will be sent out any time between Decemeber 11-18. Only those who are successful will receive an email.

      • - This special offer of FREE tickets is exclusive to Globe Community members and [email protected] subscribers (WiMax, DSL).

        - This is a first come first served basis, open to the first 41 Globe [email protected] subscribers and Globe Community members.

        - Each Globe [email protected] account will receive a maximum of two (2) tickets.


      This Christmas, the spirit of giving is really what makes it special and wonderful. In line with this, we highly encourage everyone to bring gifts, toys, or clothes for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.


      Together let’s plant seeds of hope towards rebuilding through giving gifts to children in this season of celebration and sharing.