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    Problems with Globe Stores


      I had two  issues with two different Globe stores.


      FIRST:  Globe Megamall (February 2013) - I had my other line reactivated because I was planning on applying for a new line.  As we were always told, reactivation will take at least 2-3 days from date of reactivation.  After 3 days, still not yet active and my payment has not yet been posted.  I called the hotline as well as used the live chat but still to no avail.  The hotline agents cannot process my new line application because the payment hasn't been posted yet. I tried to go to another Globe Store (SM Taytay) to try to process my new line application, but still they cannot process because it is still not reflected in their system that I'm already paid and advised to go back to Megamall to follow up.  So I still waited and called and chatted everyday, and just told me that they were sending emails to Globe Megamall, but after about a week,  I went back  at Globe Megamall, and they told me the person who assisted me is currently on leave and did not endorse the processing of my reactivation. I'm getting so frustrated because of the hassle of calling back and forth and going to another Globe store. I asked them if they could process my new line application since they were the ones who received my reactivation, and it's a good thing they did, but on the day that I had it reactivated, the one who assisted me told me it was not possible until it's activated again. BUT WHEN I RETURNED BACK TO FOLLOW UP ON THE REACTIVATION STATUS, THE AGENT DID ALLOW ME TO GET MY NEW LINE AND TOLD ME IT  SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE SAME DAY I REACTIVATED MY OTHER LINE. (OH, but up to now, my line is already activated, but the payment still hasnt been posted yet!)


      SECOND:  Globe Robinsons Galleria (March 15, 2013) - For the record, this is my favorite Globe Store.  The agents here are very accomodating.  My brother transferred ownership of his account to me, we had it processed there and was told it would take a maximum of two weeks for it to reflect. After one week, they texted me and told me they were having issues wtih system migration so they could not process it immediately, so that was ok because they did inform me.


      And then after more than a month, I was trying to renew my contract, which I thought was already transferred to me because it's been more than a month already, but when I called the hotline, they told me it 's still not transferred and advised me to go back again at Rob Galle to follow it up.


      And so I went back yesterday, and was told that they could not pinpoint who assisted me, which I've forgotten the name already because it's been more than a month! It seemed that he has forgotten to endorse again! I have been trying to call and text the service phone of Rob Galle, but still no reply.  And up to now, I'm still waiting for their feedback.


      I might go back again on Friday if it still not processed until then, and hopefully they would do something about it.  I'm trying to be patient because I'm a Globe subscriber for more than a decade now, and was trying to understand that they were having system issues.


      Overall, I just hope they would improve the services of their Globe Stores.  I know that you guys are very toxic because of the people coming and going the store, but please, we are also finding time to go there to solve our issues with our subscription, and for over a month, still not processed.  Please don't forget to process our requests, because it's a great hassle to come back again and again and follow up again and again.


      Thank you.