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    Iphone 4s warranty


      Ive been a loyal subscriber of globe for more than 20 years.  Last year I availed the iphone 4s as part of my loyalty.  Unfortunately,  this year, I noticed that the  wifi function of my iphone is not functioning so i called the customer service last March 2013 to report  this.  The operator told me that my iphone is still under warranty so its better to bring it where I redeemed my unit which is in Globe AliMall.


      So I brought my unit to AliMall last March 2013, and your staff told me that this problem is very common with the Iphone, usually the unit should be replaced.  Since its under warranty I am ok to replace the unit.  So this is where the problem starts.


      Upon checking my records, she  told me that my warranty already lapsed last Feb 2013.  So I told her... "No the operator told me that my warranty is sill March 2013."  But according to her they have posted the wrong month.  So technically, my phone is no longer under warranty.


      I tried to remain calm since the staff is very courteous.  I told her that its not my problem anymore, because I was under the impression that my warranty is until March 2013 as  confirmed to me by the operator.


      The staff from AliMall told me to write a letter and she will try to get approval from her boss.   I told her when will I know if my warranty claim is approved?   she told me that she will call me daw.


      Up to this day I never heard from her.    Nice di ba? Is this the kind of service you give to your loyal subscribers?  


      Now my question is... When and where can I get my replacement phone?   Im really close into switching to SMART because of you lousy after sales service.


      I appreciate your immediate action on this.... Its been months now and I dont think the girl from Alimall is going to call me pa.