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    I didn't Want to Post this But


      As the title says, I didn't want to post this but Globe has just crossed the line, again. Well, I've been having problems with Globe forcely closing my connection, I labeled it "No Sync Problem", which will in turn forcely change my IP even though I'm using it. Imagine, I'm uploading a YouTube video, which I have to wait for an hour to fully upload then suddenly Globe decides to drop my connection to change my IP. This is aside from the sudden Low SNRs I'm getting on a very random basis.


      Proof? Well, here is the compilation of the screenshots I've made everytime it happens. The latest is today which is much worse, why? Mainly because they did not only closed my connection and change my IP but they also throttled or capped my speed even though I've only used about 4GB+ of my daily bandwidth.






      I'm going to screenshot this one as well since some other people here doesn't want other people to know the problems that Globe has just like the last time.

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          Hi! Globe's FUP is 3Gb/Day on 1Mbps plans..

          I also suggest you have the 999 - 3Mbps without any phone..

          On the other hand,  did you call the hotline?
          Did technicians go to your premises to check?
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              I have a 3mpbs Plan. I know what I'm talking about and I know right from the start that I have a 7gb/day bandwidth limit WHICH I MONITOR everyday, all the time.

              I can't possibly call the hotline if I don't have P7 worth of load right. Well, right now before 1AM, Yes. 1am, I'm FUP'd again. I only used 2.6gb Yesterday until 6pm because I went out to buy some 120mm Fans, I returned home installed it on my CPU and got back online at around 12mn earlier. So it's official, aside from the problems I still have this problem RISED AGAIN.




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              Ito din nangyayari sakin... nadidisconnect ako lagi, usually mga 10-20 mins disconnected na ako.. pero tumawag na ako sa tech support.. kabadtrip tong ganito.. tapos worst is, nag avail ako ng 3mbps plan pero speed ko 3.5mbps SAGAD NA TO... parang nag avail lng ako ng 2mbps, kasing speed ko lng fren ko na may 2mbps plan.. kakabweset tlaga..

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                  I just gave up na. You can't do anything about, I can't do anything about it but just leave. I'm leaving after I pay my bill I've already stock piled alot of evidences already and I'm just fed up with it. Not to mention I have to load up P15 and above if I want to call their supposed to be Customer Service number which is supposed to be toll free.