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    What is the best Globe Broadband subscription available in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan?


      I am currently subscribed to Tattoo Wifi Personalized with up to 21 mbps speed booster. I am using this service  in Sto Cristo, San Jose DelMonte, Bulacan. I have not been satisfied with its speed reliability in our area, not to mention that only 3G is available. I need a reliable broadband speed minimum of 3mbps.


      I checked and compared the other broadband services of Globe Tattoo in their portal. They have  an available subscription plan of up to 15 mbps at Php 4999. I would like to switch subscription but I am not sure if the signal in our area is strong enough to provide me, if not 15 mbps, at least 25%-30% of that speed. DSL is not yet available in SJDM so either Wimax or Tatto Home LTE should be available.


      If you are from Sto Cristo, SJDM Bulacan or have been in this  place and accessed, experienced and utilized Tattoo Home Broadband services, it will really help alot if you can share what type of broadband subscription you used and what minium speed did you experience?