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    Samsung S4 Handset replacement due to Insert Sim Card problem


      After a few days of acquiring Samsung S4 from Globe Postpaid 1799, I experienced Insert Sim Card error. This appears after saving contacts to SIM instead of DEVICE. I searched through Google and it appears to be a common complaint not only in the Philippines but to the rest of the world where Samsung S4 was released. So is this problem on Sim tray a manufacturing default? I asked Samsung through phone customer service but the representative said he wasn’t aware until I raised the problem to him. Since I got the phone through Globe, I have to keep in touch with them and I had requested for handset replacement since I reported the problem within seven days warranty. But until now, my handset has not yet been replaced. After two visits to GlobeCenter and two phone calls to Globe customer service, they can only say that they don’t have stocks yet. I wonder how my relatives and officemate got their Samsung S4 handsets on the same period they were telling me there are no available handsets??? Likewise, the same error appears on their phone. Mind you, the phone becomes so useless when this error appears. No Globe connection and no mobile data. I have to restart my phone 10 times or insert and re-insert the sim card 20 times, everyday! Imagine how I feel bad with this phone. So I just wonder, when would Samsung and Globe replace this defective handset???

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          Hi @mavernarica - As your concern is account-specific, the Globe Community members will not be able to provide answers to you question. You may follow up through Store or @Talk2GLOBE on Twitter.
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            Hi @mavernarica ! Thanks for the update! So you got a replacement, updated the software but the error is still there? And you can't use your phone because you keep on restarting it? That's a major buzz killer big time!<br><br>Have you gone yo samsung service center for repair or to have the handset checked out? I just had my sime replaced for the third time and while i was there trying to save contacts, the same error appeared again. The customer service rep mentioned that Globe is aware of the problem given that many of their customers who got the same unit went back and complained of experiencing such error. They said that it has something to do with the samsung's software. I asked the rep if those who came back had their problem solved and she just shook her head giving me a sad no. She issued me a paper which I could present to samsung so they could take a look at it, but honestly, i felt disheartened and decided not to go back to samsung again knowing ill just go through the same shitty process they have for these types of cases. Im just so fed up with both of them that i couldn't even muster up to be angry with them anymore. <br><br>On another note, i asked the rep if i could have my plan terminated since obviously i didnt get the full service and guess what she said, i have to pay the full amount of the phone if i want it terminated. Haay. <br><br>I just dont get them at all. Why havent they at least warned potential new customers planning to get s4 of the situation so they could at least know the risk they will be taking on when they make the purchase. <br><br>I hope they'd be able to get your problem fixed since i think you have it worse than mine - at least i get yo use my phone except when saving contacts so ill just stick to saving them via device.Do let me know of any updates and ill try to post here of any updates on my end as well.