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    iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina plans (and speed/data clarification)


      i think this is (or these are) gonna be the best iPad(s). sana maganda ang plans na ibibigay ni Globe.


      on that note, when they offer iPad plans, or any sort of ULIMITED DATA plan on all postpaid, does this mean their "unlimited" has really no limit?  i know this issue has been talked numerous times about in the past. pero it is still confusing because there are people saying that it is a real unlimited data, and there are some that are saying na parehas lang sa Tattoo prepaid that when you reach 800MB per day, babagal ang speed na almost (in my experience) slower than dial up. di ako makapag browse ng maayos sa bagal, that you'd rather disconnect online and wait for the speed to reset the next day.


      you know, laging culprit ang torrent downloads and all sorts of downloads sa reason why data cap is implemented. you can't blame Globe. pero honestly, Youtube and Skype pa lang kayang umubos ng Gigabytes of data in a day. i have a family abroad and we use Skype all the time. and when both parties use videocall, of course pag mabilis ang internet mo, like Youtube, automatically Skype will switch to the highest setting na possible for the best experience.


      sa experiences ko almost everyday of using Skype, 1 hour of video call (using 2mbps DSL Globe Tattoo), mga 1GB na din ang nacoconsume. and we talk for HOURS. i havent been with my family for more than 10 years and this is the only tool that helps me or us, fill that gap of long-distance.


      So i was hoping Globe will revamp or reconsider this. not everyone who is a big consumer of data is already automatically a "downloader". yes, i download pero mas madalas ako mag Skype. araw araw.


      i was using prepaid once tapos wala pang isang oras, putol na connection dahil ubos na 800MB. BUMMER!


      So back to iPads... im really interested getting either of the new iPads. sana, like i said, maganda ang plan na ibibigay ni Globe. and sana, when they say UNLIMITED, they are referring to "no limit to your internet consumption at the best speed possible" unlimited.