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    What are these Globe Postpaid Numbers?




      Everyday, I miss calls from these Globe Postpaid Numbers:



      Apparently, this is just one entity since all numbers end with 236.

      They call my postpaid number every day at least 6 times from 9am - 6pm.

      I always miss their calls because they call during my shift and I am not allowed to use my phone in the office.

      Every time I call back or text, they don't answer.


      What is this?

      Blocking these numbers is useless since this entity uses different numbers everyday.




      My Globe Postpaid Number is recycled so I presume it is listed to some shitlist, whatever.

      I know you can't help me with this, I'm just sharing.


      Can't wait for my plan to finish. Four more months and I'm done with Globe. Yay.