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    Phone Replacement


      hi guys im one of the globe users who had a iphone 5 with plan..after a few months of using my iphone 5 some problems occurs with the charging...i went nto a globe center and ask for assistance and they suggest for a replacement of unit.. it was 1 and half months and the unit was never been replace..im a customer who paid for there service but still they are so slow of processing my request..need some help guysss

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          In support to this thread, I am stating my case, too. This was supposed to be sent via the "Contact Us"option at globe.com.ph, but that link simply would not send my concern (As it was saying that an Ínthernal error occurred" and the contact form I accomplished can not be sent. Way to go.) I am really losing my patience now. Sorry for that. Anyways. Here's my case.


          I got an IPhone 5s under Plan 1799 last December 20, 2013 at Globe-SM San Pablo. I detected a dead pixel on the phone and surrendered it within the default 7-day replacement period. That was December 26, 2013. The customer rep told me it would take about a month before a replacement unit can be available for me. Since it has almost been a month, I have been calling for follow-up since last week (Jan 17, 2014) regarding the status of my replacement and the reps at 211 are just giving me a blanket statement that it's still under process. I just want to file a complaint on the quality of customer support that Globe has. I hope you can expedite the replacement process, and at the very least give specific updates regarding the "progress" you are referring to, i.e. if the phone is already in an Apple Service Center for evaluation, etc. As customers who availed of your service, and expected to pay regularly for the plan (which includes the handset in perfect working condition), I think we reserve the right for fast and reliable service and support. Globe San Pablo did not even give me a temporary replacement unit for that matter. I think it's just ethical and expected that Globe should have an SOP of providing fast service, or providing temporary replacement phone for the postpaid plan subscribers. The current options that we have to choose from, that being (1) terminate the line temporarily to suspend billing, and (2) convert the nanoSIM to micro/regular SIM that can be used with regular phones that the customer has (or should find/buy for herself) are indicative of poor customer support. I know for one that Apple does not delay in replacement once they got hold of the unit because I have a friend whose postpaid-acquired Iphone 5 from Globe brokedown in the US during the 1-year warranty, and within 10 mins after assessing the phone, they immediately replaced it with a new one (yes, just 10 minutes). I wanted to know what is taking Globe so long to replace my IPhone 5s. Was the phone already sent for evaluation, or is it sitting under some storage house in the Philippines waiting for other phones to be sent for replacement? Please, I want definite answers on these concerns.

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            Pwedeng temporary disconnect mo line mo para di ka ma bill ng hindi mo nagagamit.