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    Port Forwarding?!? bm622 wimax



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          Sorry. But due to wimax uses DHCP and Dynamic I.P it would be blocked. Even other ISP done it too check this out http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/136704-isp-blocking-forwarding/

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              Hi guys, im not sure if its blocked at all, the thing is with BM622 and BM623M that you can not login as an admin, when you login you are only user, your not admin at all, i have tried to contact globe for an admin password but they never give one, the admin password is generated by the wan mac adress and serial number on your modem, its not that easy to find that password, i have the password generator for BM622 but not for my own BM623, its out there on the net so search for it, i want to open up port 27000 to 27499 for Counter-Strike Dedicated Steam Server but i cant do anything without portforwarding , its screwed up as long i cant login and see or as long Globe dont give me a admin password, but if the modem is really blocked? no i dont think so guys, to many programs uses ports from 0 to 65635 or something so my answer is no, anyway, let me know if anyone has and admin password to the BM623M modem it wold be nice ....