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    Plan 1, 799

      I am planning to apply for an iPhone plan at 1, 799. Will my application be granted if i will present my company ID, passport, and COE? Are those enough as requirements? Thank you!
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          They may be enough to be accepted but not necessarily approved.


          Remember that those are called SUPPORTING documents to prove that you have credentials on being a good paying subscriber meaning:


          1. You are who you claim you are;

          2. You have a valid address where they can send your bill or demand letters in case you refuse to pay and,

          3. You can afford the plan you are applying for and would be able to sustain it for the period that would be indicated in the plan you are applying for.


          Compliance is one, approval is another.

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            There are 3 main requirements for postpaid line application:


            •Proof of Identidfications - ex: company IDs or Goverment issued IDs

            •Proof of Billing - ex: utility bills such as Meralco and Maynilad that states your billing address

            •Proof of Income - ex: payslips and other sources of income

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              Hi Gnel!


              Goodluck with  your application!


              Company ID - Your Company ID can be used as Proof of ID (POID). Should bear holder's signature and and signature of the authorized signatory


              Passport  - Can be accepted as Proof of Billing Address (POBA) only and if, the document contains the preferred billing address of the applicant and is not expired.


              COE - Yes as Proof of Financial Capacity (POFC) just need to be signed by HR and shall not be more than 3 months old.


              Hope that helps!



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                I agree with @ChitoReyes . I think passports would fall under proof of identification.