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    iPhone 5s international warranty


      i am planning to get an iphone 5s unit from globe and i am just wondering about warranty coverage (i will be using the iphone in SG). i was advised na ung warranty will be for PH only, but according to my research, the WARRANTY OBLIGOR of apple ph is in sg. so my concern is, if ever lang naman na masira ung unit, can i just bring it sa service center in SG? 


      gusto ko lang i-confirm lahat to before i purchase the unit from globe. thanks in advance.

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          In theory it should be possible and it would cut a lot of time in having Globe forward it to Singapore. You might just need an endoresment from Globe to be able to do that.


          If you plan in using the iphone from Globe in Singapore, why not just get an iphone there in Singapore? It's cheaper and unlocked (locking a phone is illegal in Singapore) and you get to enjoy the warranty without any hassles.


          If you plan in getting in touch with Globe numbers, you can always get a Singtel "Kabayan" prepaid sim card where calls to Globe using 01963 + Globe number would only be charged local rates?