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    Insert SIM card error when saving contacts on SIM with S4

      Hi, Globe community users! I hope you could help me with my ongoing problem with my handset and network. I've already posted this as a reply on a forum thread having the same problem as mine. But i wanted to make a separate thread to highlight another case many of us globe users are experiencing after getting a S4 handset from them. Here's the case:

      The first instance was that every time my phone approaches lowbat status, the "insert simcard error" appears. It was frustrating as hell! I had my phone replaced right away since that error appeared hours after I got my phone. After the replacement, the error was fixed. I think it may be also because I updated the phone's software?. I've read that updating the phone's software to it latest update might fixed the problem so I did. Anyhow that error was somehow fixed.


      Later on I noticed that every time I save a new contact using SIM instead of device, that same error "INSERT SIM CARD" appeared again. I had my sim card replaced today and while I was there in front of Globe Customer service, it worked perfectly fine (well I tried saving 5 random contacts) so I thought the problem was solved. However, when I got back to saving the rest of my contacts, the freaking error appeared again. 


      Also, I had my phone checked with Samsung prior the phone replacement and they said the phone was in good condition. They also said that they've had several cases all using Globe network. So I'm not so sure what my next step will be since I've run out of options already. I'll try to go back to Globe Center tomorrow since they said that the "error" might be caused by activating the 'SIM' when their systems were down. Honestly, I'm not sure what to expect anymore. Globe and Samsung are both pointing fingers telling one another it's the other's fault instead of providing the customers conrete solution.

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