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    Signal problem in Sta.Cruz,Sta.Maria,Bulacan

      Hi Globe,

      I would like report our network here in our area at Sta.Cruz,Sta.Maria Bulacan. I've been a loyal Globe subscriber since 2002 and our signal seems to be okay back then. By 2008, a certain typhoon started to changed everything. Our signal started to fluctuate and I've been patiently calling your hotline to report it, a number of follow-ups, escalations, sup calls. Even try going to a globe store, emailed one of their managers, twitter etc. To make my story short, around July this year, Globe started putting concrete poles in front of our house. Fast forward December 2013, the signal is not getting any better. Those installed poles doesn't have anything to boost our signal. My 2G connection is fluctuating which makes calls choppy and my SMS delayed. My 3G is also worst since I need to go out to get 1 bar of 3G but returns to edge after a few minutes.Our area doesn't have buildings, mountains or billboards to be an obstruction to Globe's signal. It's a typical residential barangay, that's why I'm wondering what happened to my reports. Sad to say I'm subscribed to SuperPlan 1799 with data and I'm stucked on edge. I can only enjoy my plan when I'm at the office, so starting 6pm daily and the whole weekend my iphone is nothing but an ipod touch.

      As per Globe Hotline, the nearest cellsite is 1.5+km away from my house and as per your twitter reps, they need approximately 6 months at least to conduct survey in my area. Do the math, if the cellsite is 1.5km away, do you need 6 months to know what to do?

      I hope Globe can check and see our area asap since its totally frustrating.

      Thanks and more power.
      From a patiently waiting customer