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    Iphone 5c Activation is SUPER delayed


      It is kind of disappointing that after the lapsed of the "promised" 24 to 48 hours of new line activation waiting period your line is still INACTIVE.


      I do not know what keeps Globe support group from activating a new line. I got my new Iphone 5c  last December 14, 2013 (after 3 hours of waiting for them to process my application) and yet until now all I have is a NO SERVICE indicator. 


      I called this matter for several times in 211 but to no avail. In one of my calls, I was put on hold by certain MJ for more than 28, take note 28 minutes only to talk to their sort of arrogant Floor Supervisor certain Jessie Reyes. So this is all I got from subscribing to Globe? A false assurance of their activation period and arrogant agents of their call center? Yes, its really a "wonderful christmas time." :smileyindifferent: