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    What's the problem of globe service?

      I can't receive text message's on time -___-
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          How long is the delay?
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            i wish i knew but the network infrastructure of the Philippines leaves much to be desired :smileysad: I was going to start a new thread but i'll just reply to this one since the gist is the same: GLOBE SUX


            then again I've tried my SMART sim and it's intermittent as well..


            anyone else having this problem? I'm on a Globe Prepaid, I use GoSakto for SURF unlimited 7 day bursts but my iPhone 4S's connection is intermittent at best


            here's my routine

            -use phone

            -phone connects fine 

            -.....then it seems that Globe 3G hangs -.- nothing happens, where's my connection?!


            eventually it returns only to drop again


            this is not broadband the way i know of a persistant always-on internet connection means. this is like back to modem days where you have to connect or dial-up every single time you want to get on the internet


            i refuse to believe 3G globe signal is this bad in Project 7 QC since I consistently get 2 bars, sometimes 3 and am only inside a house. 


            what annoys me is i have no idea how globe's network and prepaid sim works.. does it check everytime i connect to the net? is that way there's frequent hangups?!


            that is not persistent. that is not mobile data. this is not the internet


            i just chalk this up to horrible network infrastructure here in the philippines.. sux so much :smileysad: hayssss