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    iPad Air & iPad Mini Price Comparison (Telco Battle)


      Today, both Telco gaints have annouced Plan pricing for iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display. 


      So let me compare thier rates!


      ipad compare.png


      Based on the table above,  my observations are as follows:


      *Globe offers more Surfing Hours

      *If Globe don't have one time fees, it's cheaper to get an iPad with Globe.

      *Based on Smart website, they don;t offer 64 GB iPads and Unlimited Plans

      *Globe also offers Unlimited Plan for both iPad Air & iPad Mini Retina

       *When you purchase a Globe iPad within December 19-22, 2013 you will get up to 5 FREE apps!



      For now that's the only observation I can tell, it looks like Globe win this one. 




      I will edit this if I found something new.