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    I still haven't received my phone :(


      I'm a postpaid subscriber from Cebu, and still havent received my unit Iphone 5c Pink under recontracting. I called the hotlines already, they told me I would receive a call within a day but none. So here's the timeline:


      December 1: I paid pre termination fee at Globe SM City Cebu, they told me to wait for 3 days so that my payment will reflect in the system.

      December 4: Called the hotline and arranged for recontracting. Gave me a reference number and schedule for pick up at SM City Cebu, December 13,2013

      December 13: Went to Sm Cebu, they said no delivery and there's no spare unit. I was so frustrated. I waited a week.

      December 14: I called the hotline, said they would escalate it, and loyalty will call me within the day. Got no call.

      December 16: Called the hotline again, same response.


      Please help me. It so frustrating and dissapointing. It's almost Christmas and Globe is giving me nothing but stress. It's just so sad that you guys set people's expectations, setting dates and when we will claim our units, we receive nothing. You are so aggresive with your promos with your Iphones and yet you can't meet the demands. Hope someone can help me with this. I've paid my dues and fees on time and this is what I get? jeez.

        • Crappy handling of loyalty/re-contracting customers



          Seems like a lot of customers have experienced and are still experiencing this company's way of handling customer. Sharing an email I sent last day that still hasn't been responded by Globe.




          I a writing to express how disappointed and dismayed I am on how your good and big company handles its customer loyalty program; specifically, re-contracting and delivery of phone.
          If you will check the log/transaction history in the aforementioned reference no., you will see how unreliable your system is in terms of knowing the reason/s behind the non-delivery of the said contract and phone on the agreed upon date. I am shocked also that you will tell your customers, especially those who have been with you for years now and diligently paid their bills on time, to wait within 24-48 hours every time you ask for an update or status. In addition, your system cannot even tell when exactly it shall be delivered. 
          I gathered as well that the same thing is happening with other customers who have decided to re-contract with your company. Obviously, you are not handling your loyal customers very well. To be forthright about it, if not for the hassle of changing a phone number, I would have not decided to re-contract and already changed my phone network.
          On behalf of your customers who have experienced and still experiencing similar problem, inconvenience, and annoyance, I urge you to improve your services and treat us in a fair manner because despite your short comings in many other ways, we are still using your services.
          I called again to their loyalty specialist and I wasn't surprised anymore that there's still no update on the delivery. Only when I demanded to speak with his supervisor that I found out that the warehouse or their team handling the delivery just received the confirmation of the order yesterday, to think that when I called Globe last 12 December, I was told that I shall receive the re-contracting document and phone on 16 December.  And when I followed up last 16 December, the contract and phone were already for delivery. How inconsistent! 
          Now, I asked the supervisor to call me today if there'll be an update on the said request, and yet again, no good news. Indeed, this is really frustrating given that this company makes its profit from customers who have decided to stick with them and who pay their bills diligently. Crappy customer services, lame updating, inconsistent report, unreliable system. I hope they do invest more in customer service, they profit from us anyway.