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    GIFT 10


      A Volvo Autonomous Vehicle (AV)!


      Manila’s hellific traffic conditions specially this Christmas season puts a lot of pressure and fatigue which challenges even the most patient of drivers…


      Imagine having this…


      Volvo Test.jpg Volvo Driverless.jpgVolvo Sensor.jpgVolvo AD.jpg


       The Volvo Autonomous Vehicle (AV)…  an automated car which ultimately would not require a human driver.


      Fuel Efficiency, safety and stress free traveling through the use of a combination of sensors, computer chips and GPS maps… the ultimate in technology within near grasp.


      Actual testing is ongoing in Sweden with target deployment by 2017.


      I would not mind having the prototype unit TODAY and use it on Manila streets... that way, my hands would not be on the steering wheel but would be used in better things like holding my mobile phone and talking to someone important, using my tab to surf and check email or perhaps making lovey-dovey with a cherished loved one.


      Merry Christmas everyone!