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    iPhone 5S reservation thru TALK2GLOBE

      Hi guys. I don't know what to do now. I have reserved an iPhone 5S for recontracting thru NOVER using TALK2GLOBE. He/she told me that the unit will be ready for pick up today, December 18. When I got to SM Marikina(that's where I requested it to e delivered) they said wala pa. Then I tried to check with TALK2GLOBE cause maybe they would know what happened. Then they said na wala namang such application na prinocess. So now i believe I have been recontracted without a phone nor rebate. What to do?
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          If its  for recontracting, mainam na itawag ito sa Hotline para macheck kung meron mang documentation or reference no. yung transaction mo via TALK2GLOBE, if wala then you may ask an assistance sa makakausap mo na iprocess na lang yung request. 




          If you want to pick up the handset at Store, Turn around time is 5 working days.

          If you want the handset to  be delivered to you Home address and its within NCR, maximum will be 3 working days, if its provincial that 5 working days.