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    Unposted Payment since the Billing System Migration/Upgrade?


      Anybody here experienced having unposted payment since Globe's billing system migration/upgrade last March?


      This is my first message (out of frustration!!!) so if there is already an existing thread regarding this, can someone please help me find it? I'd like to know others' experience related to mine.


      Early this year, I received a letter from Globe regarding the upcoming system migration/upgrade thing that will move the delivery of bills by March. Since I always want to pay in advance (before the cutoff ends - not the due date) and I don't want to pay P1799 x 2 or more the following month, I pay P1799 monthly even if I don't receive the bill yet. Also, I pay directly to Globe stores despite the waiting time of an hour minimum because I thought it would assure accurate posting of payments.


      By May, I received my bill amounting to twice the usual (almost P3600). I suspect they're still not done with the upgrade and are still having some bugs so I let it pass and waited for the following bill. Unfortunately, it still kept that way so I decided to call 211 to inquire about it. Initially, they said I didn't have payment for the month of April. According the customer service representative, I will just have to send a copy of my receipt (which I luckily still have) via their email and so I did.


      The following month, the bill was still the same, so I called again and was told that I didn't have payment for the month of May. I said I did so they rechecked and told me that what I missed was the payment for March. Unfortunately, I was not having a good keep of all the receipts and one of those that I no longer have is for the month March. Thus, I asked if there is a way I could trace the payment other than sending them a copy of my receipt. They told me I could go the store where I paid and ask them to post my payment record. I just had a major surgery and is still recovering that time so I wasn't able to go to the possible stores yet where I paid my payment.


      After some time, I went to one of the stores, which is where I pay most often. I asked for the record and said that they don't have it. I asked if I can still trace the payment and was told that I can't because they already changed their system so even if I go to every Globe store, I will get nothing.


      Now, I'm feeling very frustrated and I regret trusting Globe's system back then causing me not to be careful in keeping each of the receipts. As a consequence, I will have to pay an extra P1799.

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          If you still have the copy of Receipt/Transaction no. then feel free to call the HL (211). They may check the history of the account although Globe migrated and change the system. If the payment was not really posted then Globe has a way of fixing this problem. 


          Things to do:


          You may send the copy of the rcpt via fax (02 - 739 3002) so that agent can easily retrive the documents within the day unlike email it will take 24 hours since they will need to escalate it for retrieval.


          After sending the copy of receipt via fax, call after 1 hour and request for retrieval.


          Please be advised that agent should provide case no. prior ending the call, maximum usual Turn around Time for Unposted payment validation is 5 working days.