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    Delayed delivery of my Line

      Yeah, so I applied for a postpaid plan last week and i was approved by thursday. This is an online application by the way. So the staff from Globe calls me and asks me when can i receive the sim card ( cause i applied for a line only) and I say I'm not free on Friday so it was scheduled on saturday from 10-5 which is by the way a huge window. I had plans and had to cancel them just to wait for the delivery and yes, you guessed it it came about 3-4pm so i waited the whole day. Here's the catch, this courier/delivery guy made me sign the received papers and ask for a copy of my ID, then he informs me that he cannot find the sim card in his bag. So he returns the copy of my ID, and just leaves saying that he will look for it. He has even brought with him the papers i signed even though i did not receive anything. After that, he tells me that the globe office is no longer open at that time so he promised the delivery on monday (this week). So i wait all day again for what? Nothing. Nobody came. So the same thing goes for Tuesday. So everyday since i did not get my sim, i call Globe and all they say is that they have sent a report to the support team and someone will attend to me in 24-48 hours and did i get a call even from one of my reports? No. Not a single update. I even called to ask if i can just claim the sim card at the office or wherever just so that I can already have it and not waste time waiting at home for nothing but the staff can't answer my question. I just want to say this is bad service and I have a feeling this won't be the first time in my experience with Globe.