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    GPS locating service


      Just want to ask kung meron po kayong GPS locating service? Nawala ko po kc phone ko, iniisip ko po kung meron kayong way to find my phone. 

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          Hi, I am not aware of globe services about locationg phones. While I know about external gps phone locatior... Example is AVAST ANTI-THEFT. It protects your phone with a 4-6 pin number. It will be alarmed via text or via internet (if available). It will alarm to the highest level even your phone setting(s) is silent. You could also ask the phone for it's estimated location.

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            If you had activated a location feature like iPhone's find my iPhone or Google Latitude on Android phones then you might be able to see your phone. Other than that I do not think you can know where it is.
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              If your stolen phone has Anti-Theft apps and its it configured properly prior to the incident then you can locate your device once it connect to the web.


              If none, sadly there no way. 


              just request phone blocking on NTC so the end user of your phone wont benefit from it.